EPA & DEQ Compliant

The Professionals at Dreamscape Dustless Media Blasting are concerned with the world we live in and try our best to maintain it for the generations to come. Our newest equipment uses a fraction of the materials that would typically be required when utilizing traditional sandblasting methods. Beyond the lower consumption, a large part of our mediums are already recycled material to begin with.

Environmental Regulations Have Changed - We Have The Solution

Our process is also excellent for lead and asbestos paint abatement. Since there are strict rules about how much lead and asbestos can be released into the air, traditional sand blasting is not a good solution for asbestos abatement. The water in this blasting process aids in the suppression of asbestos and lead contamination, making it easier to contain and safer for everyone involved. 

We can remove coatings faster, while suppressing airborne contaminants. Additionally, this process uses only 1/20th of the water that UHP water blasting uses. Since the EPA requires that water runoff be contained, using 95% less water is invaluable.